Between all of us we lost 4 cats to illness this year. We wanted to pay homage to them by giving back. We wanted to teach Spanish and reward the user with a happy and memorable experience while keeping true to the Rosetta Stone brand.

What it does

Introduces new learners of Spanish to greetings and introductions, family members, and counting to 5 using the most adorable magical cats who need help healing their cactus.

This is all done through a fun story of the user saving 5 cats in their village. The cats feed off a dying cactus in the middle of their hacienda, as the user progresses through the story we see hope that the cactus might be coming to life. In the user unlocks a rain cloud dance that ignites a storm, causing the cactus to regain life and happiness reigns over the cats village.

How we built it

First we did mood-boards and style, this turned into storyboards of our Magic Cats, we then created all the assets while integrating the Rosetta Stone SRE. As the assets were created we would bring them into unity3d to test then port them over to a build for Google Daydream. A score and Voice Over was written and recorded at this time. Once all the assets were in place it was time for the devs to go heads down and integrate everything seamlessly into a 3 scene encore.

Challenges we ran into

Merging builds, Lighting Integration, Sound Integration, SRE Calls, Rosetta Stone Brand Research

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Complete Original Story, Full Language Learning, Original Score, Original Recordings, Original Voice Over, and all this in 2 days.

What we learned

Integration with Rosetta Stone SRE, First GoogleVR App, First VR Mobile App, and Optimization for mobile.

What's next for Los Gatos Magicos

Unity, SRE, GoogleVR

Built With

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