Collectible card games like Magic the Gathering sell their cards in packages. The sum value of the cards in each pack is not known because the pack is sealed. This adds an element of chance that the end user is willing to pay for. By obscuring the value of the cards backing the package, more value is created! Using an NFT backed by a prize which is hidden to the owner we can accomplish this same increase in value.

What it does

Creates a token backed by an amount of ETH which is unknown to the owner. The owner can burn their token and retrieve their prize at any time.

How we built it

Burnable ERC 721 token contract along with an Enigma Secret contract. When the user decides to claim their prize they call the enigma secret contact. The secret contract grabs the value of the prize and, in an ethereum callback, burns the NFT

Challenges we ran into

First interaction with Rust, drizzle, and TEE

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Stretched our abilities. Learned many new technologies and are excited about future applications

What we learned

Great first exposure to Rust and Enigma.

What's next for LootBoxToken

As the name of or project suggests, Loot Boxes in a gaming setting is a perfect application of this general idea.

Built With

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