Have you ever looked out the window of your plane, train, or other vehicle, and wondered -- "Where am i?"?

Our hack answers that question for you.

What it does

An augmented reality experience, built into the window of your plane, that creates overlays over the real world and labels points of interest.

How I built it

A projector's image is reflected off a mirror and then reflected off of the glass of the window -- this creates the holographic effect.

The control algorithm uses information known to the plane (such as plane coordinates and tilt) and pulls complementary data from Bing maps in order to render the overlay.

Challenges I ran into

Projector images reflect off of glass differently than traditional displays (i.e. smartphones). As a result, we "frosted" the glass using record disk covers.

Performing the geometric transformations to show the correct overlay gets really messy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We started on Sunday.

What I learned

What's next for Look outside, bud

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