Today everyone seems to be busy with the technology of smart phones that they forget the surrounding environment, people and vehicles moving around them. A person walking on the roadside is distracted by his smart phone that he doesn't seem to care about the upcoming road intersection or speeding traffic. This sometimes leads to fatal accidents and everyone just blames the person for using the smart phone. So here's the one solution to avoid such scenario - LOOK AHEAD. The ANDROID APP which would alert the BUSY USERS before hand about the upcoming road intersections or Accident Prone Areas (APA) and would encourage him/her to stop using the phone for a while.

The major features of this app are -

  1. It runs in the BACKGROUND as a service, so user won't have to open the app again and again.

2.It shows the alert only when the user is WALKING/CYCLING (not while standing STILL) nearby (approx 30m) an intersection or APA and he/she is interacting with the phone in one of the following ways - i) The Phone Screen is ON and user is performing some task. ii) The Phone Screen is OFF but user is listening to MUSIC. iii) The User is on Telephone Call.

  1. It also alerts the user when he/she leaves an intersection/APA and the user is then free to use the phone again.

  2. If the user is travelling being a Passenger or is using Maps or is actually Indoor (Bad GPS Accuracy) then on being prompted with the Alert, he/she has the option to select any of these modes and continue to carry on with the phone until the selected mode is disabled.

The App will help the User to stay alert while being in APA and thus hopefully will help to reduce collisions between vehicles and pedestrians (cyclists).

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