• The Problem: The environmental impact of drivers searching for parking is considerable - 30% of all cars on the street in large cities are looking for parking

  • The Solution: Monitor parking locations in dense, congested areas to provide users real-time parking availability, and provide other options when parking is unavailable.

The Tech Behind Our Solution

  • We've built and implemented IoT devices that use computer vision and machine learning to identify if a car is present, then alerts users where spaces are available via our mobile application

  • Amazon Web Services provides our IoT management, database, computation, and mobile application platform

Beneficiaries of Our Project

  • Communities

    • Positive environmental impact, decreased congestion, predictable use of paid spaces
    • Data and statistical analysis on traffic and parking patterns
  • Users

    • Provides a real-time snapshot of localized parking spots
    • Saves time and fuel when locating parking
  • Partners

    • Increase use of maps application
    • Localization of users for targeted marketing
    • An integration tool between navigation and social networking applications

Value Proposition of System - Our IoT System Scales

  • Our plan is to provide the system to communities and the application to users without charge - the data has a huge potential value

  • Our sensors are inexpensive to build

  • Sensors installed require no infrastructure work

  • Very little maintenance - over a 4 month test period, while collecting 75 thousand pictures no maintenance has been required

  • All applications are implemented with AWS


  • We've built it

  • Tested it

  • And it works

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