Community problems that can be solved, but is missing a tool to connect with those that can answer them

What it does

Connects the problems that people in a community have with the businesses and the right people who can solve them.

How I built it

Firebase HTML/Javascript Bootstrap Google Static Map API

Challenges I ran into

Working in the firebase environment, storing & displaying images Working in the language Implementing frameworks

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got Firebase running Didn't fall asleep Made a responsive website in bootstrap frameworks Implementing templates

What I learned

Learned how to implement firebase to design a live chat application Gained knowledge of establishing web functionality through web elements (buttons, redirects, login, graphics, API, etc) Built skills in designing layout and flow of web pages, and user experience/user interface

What's next for LocalHand

Implement an advanced review and grading system for active users that solve problems on site Improve the system of user matching through implementation of geolocation filtering and api

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