Time doesn't wait -- it moves regardless whether we are ready. Realizing that as college students, we've probably spent more than 90% of the time we will ever spent with our parents already, that we only have so many more winters, and that we should live consciously and reflect often -- not letting the time meaninglessly pass us by. We came up with an app that gives us context to the years gone by and the years to come in our lives.

What Lifely does

1) Visualizes the user's age on a chart relative to a long human life

2) Provides contextual visualizations of a typical American life and also average age for other events, such as getting married or starting a successful startup

3) Insights on years past, such as: how old they were in a particular year, what significant events happened in that year (pulled using the WolframAlpha API), and how much an investment they made that year could be worth today.

How we built it

Rapid ideation burning through a bunch of ideas, user testing to a pivot, learning a new tech stack we never used before, and lots of food.

Challenges we ran into

The app started as a very depressing venture, both on the insights it gave and our progress. We spent 16 hours trying to build an MVP, and realized its only working functionality was something any three year old could have done -- count. We also decided to try Angular with no experience, and spent 4 man hours debugging a one-character error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First Hackathon experience -- We did it! _ (not sure how) _

What we learned

Coding is hard. CSS positioning is painful. Learn Angular ahead of time.

What's next for Lifely

We would like to expand our MVP to include key functionality such as:

1) Personalization -- Give users the ability to integrate with Facebook and connect their Moments onto their Lifely Life Calendar, add their own notable events, and potentially save and share their calendars

2) Business Development Opportunities -- We would like to expand Lifely Insights to better connect users to products or services that solve their problems, such as investing platforms, health advice, career guidance, and going back to school

3) Data Visualization -- Our core value is around building context for the user with data, and we want to continue to develop the way we present our visualizations to be more relevant and impactful to our users such as by adding a weekly or monthly view

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