What it does

The Live Free Website provides mental health awareness, prevention and assistance. By providing knowledge about mental health issues we hope to bring awareness to the issue. Our site provides users with resources to get assistance when in need. As well, shows the user events and workshops in the area to help them live a stressfree life.

How we built it

Utilizing HTML and CSS we designed a beautiful webpage. Node.JS, Express.JS, and the Eventbrite API allowed us to provide the user with events in their area. Javascript and JQuery was used to design an assessment quiz for the user to see where they might stand healthwise.

Challenges we ran into

All of us were new to hacking together. Learning to use Github efficiently was the first hurdle. Learning to use the Eventbrite API and other skills was the biggest hurdle. But together as a team we were able rise above the problem.

What's next for Live Free

The next steps for Live Free would be to add more resources whether its preventative or for helping yourself. Adding more information about different mental health issues and providing a more detailed and accurate quiz would also assist our users to find accurate information. Add a chatbox to allow for visitors to the site to talk to someone to help find resources for themselves.

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