Worked with many inventory systems before and realized that they can be a real pain sometimes. However we wanted to create a working system that is user friendly and easy to use.

What it does

This inventory system can view the current inventory, add new items and remove old ones and is also able to check in and out items

How we built it

We built this inventory system in excel using Macros. We initially wanted to build this in java however we wanted to build a less complicated and more efficient system using excel.

Challenges we ran into

Ran into some issues with syntax in java and visual basic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is a system that is 95% complete

What we learned

We learned many new features in java and visual basic that will enable us to achieve more in the future.

What's next for LionLaunchPad Inventory Management

We would like to add a features to edit the log book in more detail. Also, possibly make the system web-based or in an application.

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