We came up Lingo Lollipop while when we were playing around with some confusing API and someone said "That s*** is jank". As someone who moved to Atlanta from Massachusetts about three months ago, I was very confused. Aditya and I realized many people have the same disorientation when moving to somewhere new. The terms and phrases used by people is native to their region. For example, in my town, people say, "Wow, that was rattling!" all the time. It means that something was mind boggling. We created Lingo Lollipop to provide users with native lingo definitions of a specific area.

What it does

Our app will query Twitter for massive number of tweets within 5 miles of a location provided by the user. We then process through the data to eliminate common words, and then statistically determine uncommon terms and phrases. These are then sent off to UrbanDictionary, where we are able to fetch the definition. We then provide the definitions nice and neatly to the user on their android device.

How we built it

We built it through android studio, the twitter api, jsoup, the google maps api and various other tools.

Challenges we ran into

Time was a huge issue since we came up with the ideas after a while, however the main issue was learning various sort methods and their O time complexities in order to process the massive amount of data most efficiently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Of creating a fully functional android app within a day and a half.

What we learned

The differences in efficiency between different kinds of sort methods. Furthermore, we learned how to use the Google Maps, Twitter and Jsoup APIs.

What's next for Lingo Lollipop

We hope to release to the app store within a couple hours!

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