Many people have solar installations with open APIs. However, some common solar inverter APIs only provide power output at 15 minute (or worse) intervals. In order to understand solar production, real time data is useful, especially if the data is being displayed to effect behavioral change around understanding of energy production and consumption.

What it does

This IoT system uses a Raspberry Pi Zero W with an attached TSL2561 Luminosity light sensor to continuously measure solar luminosity. The luminosity data is sampled over I2C and uploaded to AWS Kinesis with a Python script that continuously runs on the Raspberry Pi. Once in Kinesis, the data is archived to S3.

Next Steps (not complete)

The next step for this project is to use Kinesis to combine the logged luminosity data with 15min-resolution data from an Enphase solar inverter gathered via the Enphase API. We will then fit a function mapping the luminosity data to known power production values (at 15min interval), then use the fit function to estimate real time power production on Kinesis.

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