Our skill is about “ageless innovation”. No one can predict the future, but there are ways to be more prepared for whatever life has in store for you. Nothing is more crucial in times of crisis than to have information ready, organized and accessible in times when you need to act. As you move through life, record keeping becomes more important and more time consuming. Staying up to date on finances, insurance, legal documents, healthcare and other important needs for you and your family can be overwhelming. But it shouldn’t be. LifeSite is committed to providing secure, convenient and smart solutions to help you manage, discover and share the most important information in your life with your family and those you trust.

What it does

Our Echo Skill is designed to provide easy access to the entire LifeSite system. From daily life reminders like when insurance premiums are due, prescriptions that need to be refilled, what Fluffy the family cat eats and even the family passwords to Amazon Prime. Information can also be entered, managed and accessed for all family members using the Echo Skill. Communications and access is safe, secure and encrypted.

How I built it

Following sites helped me with the learning curve. We used the Alexa Developer portal documentation: We also used Alexa Youtube Tutorials: and Alexa developer forums.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up OAuth2 server for account linking - This still is not been resolved. We were unable to debug (logs) endpoints at Alexa end when linking fails. Filing an alexa support ticket and getting a quick response was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Followed Alexa documentation and got a test skill up and working in a day. This was our first Internet of things (IOT) project.

What I learned

We learned Internet of things (IOT) works. We've learned how to design Voice interfaces, its advantages and challenges. We learned out to Integration using OAuth2, Lambda functions and DynamoDB

What's next for LifeSite Alexa Skill

The LifeSite Vault along with the Amazon Echo Skill is a powerful combination. Access to all of life’s information in one place for an individual and their familes’ has endless possibilities. We will continue to provide more sophisticated access to our data set, support for multiple languages, machine learning and AI assistance and we are extending the deployment of Echo into our mobile application.

Please Note: We are still awaiting some help from the Amazon Alexa dev support team. Our account linking still remains unresolved. We look forward to getting our skill working end-to-end.

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