The surging popularity of wearable tech has had an amazing and positive impact on wellness in America. It’s allowed the average consumer to track their vital signs, and monitor their daily activity levels, leading to an increase in motivation and adherence to workout regimens. This $2 billion wearable industry is still considered to be in it’s infancy. However, one piece that is missing, is a device focused on the consumers’ nutrition. Without vital data on nutrition, consumers are only getting a partial picture of their wellness and unable to attribute improvements to any nutritional factors.

Consumers today feel that nutrition is complicated and many have trouble making vitamins and supplements a part of their daily routines, and even more people are unsure what they should be taking. We wanted to create a device that would address this needs and simplify this process.

Furthermore, healthcare industries struggle with getting patients to take the right doses of medication at the right time, costing nearly $300 billion every year in the U.S. alone. There are a few apps that help patients track the dosage and timing of their medications while gathering data on large groups of patients, but these all require manual input which skews and can even falsify much of the data. We aimed to automate this process so doctors and consumers can track their nutritional and prescription intake passively.

What it does

We have designed a Smart Nutrition Bottle that simplifies the path to better nutrition by providing end users a portable, simple, elegant way to take vitamins and nutrients throughout the day. The system also recommends vitamins and supplements based on our nutritionist’s (or your physician’s) guidelines using information provided in the setup of the user’s profile and refining that data with feedback through continued use. Our automated dispensing system stores and adds vitamins to water which offers better bioavailability than traditional vitamin pills.

We are the first to automate the entire consumer process of learning about, purchasing, consuming, and tracking vitamins and supplements, all in a portable device, making adherence to a nutritional regimen easy. Additionally, many people love collecting fitness data from their wearables, but are unable to do much with that data other than using it for motivation. The LifeFuels bottle is the only device to automatically track nutritional intake allowing users to have a more complete picture of their wellness data, by automatically correlating intake to performance.

V1 of our device will focus on vitamins and nutrition, but long term plans include packaging prescriptions into our form factor, allowing doctors to see exactly when a patient has taken their medication, ensuring proper dosages and that the entire course has been finished. We also solve a problem for patients who are unable to swallow medicines in pill form. Physician’s can also track hydration habits and any other nutrition consumed through the device, even when the patient is not currently taking prescription medications.

How it works

For a graphical representation of how are device works, please see:

How I built it

Our device was modeled used Adobe Inventor and Solidworks for all CAD work. Blender and Keyshot were used for renderings, while Mathmatica and Matlab were used for simulation, stress-tests and parameter refinements. We used a Lulzbot Taz 5 for basic 3D modelling and a Stratasys Objet for our final prototype.

The LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle needed to be designed to house a considerable amount of technology and components in the most simplified package possible. The bottle is made of Tritan Eastman BPA-Free Polycarbonate, considered to be a safe, stable, and durable compound. All key components are treated with a UV stabilizer as well as an antimicrobial additive. Our use of in-mold ultrasonic weld points dramatically improves the strength of the product and all but eliminates the need for glues and adhesives, offering great health and sanitary benefits.

We have designed a technology-dense product that easily breaks down to separate the technology from the parts which come in contact with liquids so they can be easily washed.

The product leverages Bluetooth Low Energy to provide seamless integration to the user’s smartphone with minimal battery consumption.

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