Natural Disaster With approximately 9624 people dying on average due to Earthquakes and Tsunamis being almost twenty times more deadly than ground movements, it was flagrant for our team that this was a problem we wanted to help solve with the few hours we had. We wanted to see how we could collaborate to create an app in order to calm civilians and provide them reliable options during these devastating situations. As a result we even studied color psychology to create the least stressful situation for our users.

What it does

Our app, Life Line has a multitude of features to help mitigate stressful situations during natural disasters.

  • [ ] Displays key information about natural disasters nearby and predicted disasters
  • [ ] Has an offline guidebook for tips during offline natural disaster situations
  • [ ] Emergency mode built in to assist you to the nearest shelter or safe location while giving you information to protect yourself.
  • [ ] Shares geolocation with family and friends during natural disasters
  • [ ] Provides a real-time communication channel with victims and first responders in the area through the app

How we built it

We used Flutter as our main framework to facilitate cross-platform usage and high-level prototyping. We used our Google Cloud Credit to enable Google-Maps-API services with Firebase to create real-time geolocation maps and make queries for nearby hospitals and shelters. We pulled our natural disaster prediction sets from NASA, Firecast, and FEMA.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges, and a lot of frustration. Most of them came from Firebase integration with our App, and front-end integration of our natural disaster predictions. We also spent a considerable time developing the UI by keeping in mind that our users will be in stressful situations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud to get our Firebase powered communication channel. We are proud of our data fetching algorithms to present in a beautiful front-end UI for users to be informed about.

What we learned

We've learned a lot! Specifically, a lot of about how to keep ourselves safe in the occurrence of a natural disaster. We also learned to not procrastinate, the hard way, but we learned how to persevere and not give up on the code in the process.

What's next for Life Line

We are really proud of our project, so we definitely think we will be actively developing it as the year goes on. We didn't have enough time to make the UI as perfect as we wanted, so we want to update that, and we want to add new features such as more tips for offline and group shelters.

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