We thrive in a community where diversity exists. Sometimes people discriminate on the basis of colour, caste, creed or religion. We have to understand that we are all human and more alike that we are not. We should be empathetic, kind and compassionate towards eachother. Sports is a unifying factor amongst people. Let's cherish the unity in diversity and support our favourite players!!

What it does

The project allows users from different communites to come together in a single place online. We are planning to provide memberships for swimming, gym and clubhouse. We also have merchandise available for sale and all the money generated through it will be donated for the operation of people with disabilities. We also have a contact us option that people can use to join events organized by us and we'll notify them through the mail. The events held will be live matches in football, cricket, etc and we shall also have sign-language commentators and descriptive audio hearing for specially abled people. Comments in the chat shall be monitored to prevent users from spamming. Transgenders or people with any disability will receive 15% discount if they wish to buy our merchandise. After the live stream we shall have a guest speaker podcast who has participated in Paralympics or other events to motivate people with disabilities to participate in paralympics and challenge their limits.

How I built it

It is built using wix website generator. I put a lot of thought in the contents and problems that the website could solve.

Challenges I ran into

Almost every other team rejected me due to lack of technical experience. I had almost given up. Just decided to attend the mini-events. Two hours prior to the final hackathon submission, I decided to build a website online and atleast put my thoughts and ideas across in order to solve problems associated with gender-inequality, regional and provincial prejudices and unite fans together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am happy that instead of waiting for some magic to happen, I decided to post a submission irrespective of my technical skill-sets.

What I learned

Something is better than nothing. Never give up.

What's next for LIFE IS A SPORT

I am planning to team up with developers to help implement my ideas further.

Built With

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