Lifan K19 Price in Bangladesh is Tk 260,000.00. K19 fueled by 165 cc which produces Maximum power 17Bhp@8500rpm and its most extreme force is 17Nm@6500rpm. Lifan K19 mileage is 50 KM for every Liter (approx). At the primary sight of the K19, cruiser darling will without a doubt be pursued. It is one of the exemplary cruiser accessible at 165cc portion. It is joined with current elements, stylish outlook, with a touch of sports in the retro. The general appearance of K19 depends on smooth and dynamic look. The general outside of the K19 doesn't accentuate on the ordinary kind cruiser, it focuses harder on the general synchronization and make the whole bike alluring. There are a lot more things that we can examine about K19. Along these lines, let us not burn through additional time and know about this tasteful Cruiser of Lifan.

Plan that makes the distinction:

  • As we referenced before, K19 has one of the most powerful cruiser plan among to its own section. Beginning from the front, fog light embraces upper and lower dividers, which is a grid configuration, making a one of a kind visual encounter.

  • The blinker is a roundabout incandescent lamp source under the handle. Those turns with the handlebar, and the admonition result is better. The tail light embraces the grid game plan too, like the front light.

  • K19 accompanies a high-profile one-piece variable-breadth handle made of aluminum compound. It is basically planned, since the instrument board is situated on the gas tank, the whole head looks straightforward and extreme as a result of this handlebar. Indeed, even the wide grasp distance makes the control more agreeable, the distance between the handlebar and the chest area closer, making the driving stance more regular and agreeable individually.

  • The plan of the gas tank and cover parts is the most particular spot of K19. In the wake of adding an enormous decorated plate to the lower edge of the gas tank, the outlook impact should be remarkable and that occurred.

-The split seat pad embraces exceptional yield waterproof cowhide and is intended to fit the human hips, which brings generally excellent solace for driving.

  • The front foot pedal area of K19 is wide, and a thick layer of elastic cushion is added to work on the solace and forestall slipping. The back pedal is foldable plan, wide and non-slip, it tends to be collapsed internal when not being used.

In general body plan motivation joins excellence and common sense. The "duck tail" plan at the back segment not just decreases the focal point of gravity of the general body, yet in addition works on the hold of the tire. Sincerely completed variety conceals wraps this cruiser bike with greatness and magnificence.

Highlights that are making this K19 remarkable:

Presently let us talk about the specialized elements that improves the presentation other than the plan.

Body Dimension:

K19's body size gets the estimation of 2230mm length, 910mm width and 1090mm level. It has wheelbase of 1500mm, sitting level 715mm, control weight 150kg. Whole body appears to be exceptionally easy to use for most height. The enormous seat pad and high-decreasing handle configuration make the K19's sitting position very agreeable. The driving stance is extremely loose, and the by and large is more relaxed. This bigger size bike likewise conveys a lot of Fuel, 14 liters.

Motor elements:

For K19 Lifan utilized 165cc Vertical single-chamber, water-cooled, SOHC motor, which can create 17Bhp@8500rpm Max power and 17Nm@6500rpm max force. With this motor Lifan claims that the choke reaction, power yield, gear perfection, vibration control, and so forth will be remarkable. Moreover, Lifan claims as far as speed and mileage this cruiser will be proficient. Max speed will be close to around 90-95 KM/H and the mileage will be agreeable without a doubt. For the stuff perfection, Lifan has utilized a six-speed twofold fork moving construction, the stuff exchanging mode is stepping in front and back. To start up the motor this bike has both kick and electric beginning choices.

Suspensions and Brakes:

K19 embraces upstanding front fork, movable Twin-shock back safeguard, industrial facility change is agreeable, and sifting little vibration is better, can bring a superior riding experience. The front and back collocation ensures riding solace, yet in addition brings brilliant dependability and dealing with. It likewise makes individuals feel sure during the cornering.

As far as braking, K19 has the front disk back drum brake framework. The developed front disk brake is furnished with double cylinder calipers to make the front brake all the more remarkable. The back brake is straight, however there are no issues like locking or slipping during the test, which can add certainty to the ride.

Electrical highlights:

For the entire electrical framework upkeep free 12V battery is set for K19. As we referenced before it has Matrix style both side LED material lights. Thusly, the lighting impact is better, and the incorporated lampshade is all the more impressive, which is enough for everyday driving. Indeed, even the sign lights are LED type. They looks great as well as performs better as per Lifan.

Instrument board:

Whole instrument board is put over drop formed gas tank, there isn't anything put at the handlebar. It is made out of a customary mechanical pointer joined with a LCD screen. It has a speed pointer, a double arrangement of British and English, gear show, left and right pivot, high bar, water temperature, and oil level sign.


For the tires Lifan has given a 110/90-16 front tire and a 130/90-15 inclination design vacuum back tire, which has solid grasp and wear obstruction. The wide tires and the "duck tail" type tail twist configuration make the K19's body dependability still excellent while driving at high rates.


As we can see the majority of the advanced highlights joins with uncommon looks and plan for K19. Generally speaking that makes K19 more reasonable for day to day driving. In any case, the exhibition will shift upon various clients, however it appears to be an ideal combo of highlights and style. Photograph: Internet

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