TransCore company have recently been confronted with the difficulty of finding clients who breach the licensing policies. It is stated in the contract that only the people who have signed the contract can access the system only for themselves. However, the clients are sharing one account to avoid the extra payment to the company through the use of VPNs. VPN websites help the users mask their IP address such that TransCore has difficulty to distinguish genuine users from an unauthorized user. To distinguish real users, the company needs to able to track the location and user identification at the same time.

Challenges I ran into

There are two main problems in the challenge. Since the IP address becomes dynamic due ISPs, the company does not have a definite way to distinguish whether the user is using the same PC or not anymore. The other problem is that with developments in technology, clients are finding ways to avoid this problem such as VPNs, so it is hard to catch up with those developments in the future and hard to get a sustainable solution.

How I built it

What it does

To find a feasible and sustainable solution for this challenge, our team approached the problem with a new perspective. We believed that network expertise in the company tried different solutions related to the network perspective on this problem. So, we decided to find a way in physically. The key point of solving this problem was how we distinguish the genuine user with having the data of geological information needed to figure out due to the business model. We came up with the idea to use a USB stick to get authorization through fingerprint and also getting the information of the place where the user is. The USB stick is portable for the user, and fingerprint technology is a developed and reliable technology. Additionally, all the components required have a compatible price. We also decided to put a micro GPS chip inside our stick because of the geological information it can provide. All of these features work together to make this idea feasible for TransCore.

What I learned

During the project, we learn how to split up the problem in small pieces, so that everyone can participate. Also, It a good chance to know some others' ideas which are unique ones.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of our product is something nobody has it before. Even it is a little blurred, we think it can actually help or solve the problem nicely.

What's next for Lie To Me

The next generation of the product would be Bluetooth support so that we can access to a personal laptop without using the power from the laptop. In addition, fingerprint and GPS technology will be still implementable even though the form of the physical data transmitter will be changed.

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