I like food, never know what I can cook. I would like to be organized and have a clear path to follow to explore and cook great food.

What it does

An interactive website that allows you to keep track of ingredients owned, a shopping list, on top of being able to search tens of out thousands of recipes. If ingredients are in a recipe we favorite that we do not currently own, they are automatically sent to our shopping list. Once we have a recipe and all the necessary ingredients, we can go cook, and it will show the entire recipe. Further, we have integrated Amazon Echo so that Alexa can interact with the website, including reading the recipes to a user while they cook.

How we built it

We used an api from Using our abilities with javascript, meteor and other tools we fleshed out the site, and using Amazon's software and tutorials we were able to incorporate the new voice activated technology.

Challenges we ran into

Not all members were familiar with JavaScript, and none of us had used api's before. We also had an incredibly ambitious endeavor, incorporating a full website and also the Amazon echo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have learned quite a bit about javascript and api technology. We are proud of getting everything done, as there was quite a lot of work going on over the past 36 hours.

What we learned

We learned what we're capable of. We learned how to use api, amazon Echo, and we learned how to power through various bugs.

What's next for Let's Cook Food

We would like to publish the website and gauge interest, as we're extremely proud of our product, and feel others would enjoy it.

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