What is the name of your idea? Digital Forensics: Law eCourse (abbreviated as DFLe)

Summarize your idea. (1000 characters or less) Digital Forensics: Law eCourse is an interactive online computer forensics course for the legal profession. The legal branch of digital forensics is defined as the gathering and analysis of data from computers or other digital media that is used in criminal justice, legal decision making, or expert witness reporting & testimony in court.

Describe your idea and how it addresses the challenge. (3,000 characters or less) DFLe addresses the problem of inadequate training for the burgeoning field of digital forensics.

How would your idea serve a local community? (3,000 characters or less) DFLe will provide access to a detailed course curriculum that prepares the community at large for degree programs, certification, and job preparation for the digital forensics field.

Is this solution available right now? (Yes/No) No.

Who will use the solution? (3,000 characters or less) DFLe will be used by law students, lawyers, law enforcement, IT professionals, or anyone interested in learning about digital forensics and career opportunities within it.

What makes your idea unique? (3,000 characters or less)

The idea is unique because DFLe is specifically focused on the legal aspects of digital forensics. Unlike similar courses that are expensive, manual, instructor-led, and sporadically available; DFLe will be inexpensive, automated, self-paced, and always available responsively for desktop and mobile devices.

DFLe applies the scientific principles of forensic analysis and the cybersecurity regimen to the collection, examination, and analysis of digital device data that is acceptable in a legal proceeding such as a court of law.

As a sponsor and partner, 4Discovery has developed a suite of open source forensic tools and consulting services that will complement the course.

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