This is a app intended to function as a triage tool to evaluate a user’s ability to use self-help tools to represent him/herself in court in a legal dispute, such as a landlord/tenant case. The app asks the user to accomplish a mission – pick up an item for a relative in a distant city – and presents various challenges along the way. Each scenario gives the user an option between two alternatives, one of which is a proxy for a skill or aptitude that corresponds with a skill or aptitude that correlates with successful self-representation in court.

These skills include: Using digital tools to problem solve and obtain information Approaching people in authority to obtain information Speaking in public Persuading someone else to do something

At the end, the game assigns a score and some qualitative judgements to the user. A higher score suggests that the user has some capacity to represent him/herself successfully. A lower score suggests that the user would benefit from having a lawyer.

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