Learning community platform SPE - provides the opportunity to softskill training from the best local trainers for individual and corporate clients using market-specific marketing and technical solutions.

The clients of the platform are:

  1. Corporate customers who are ready to develop their team
  2. Individual customers who are used to learning
  3. Coaches, speakers and lecturers who have recorded training courses and are ready to check home works
  4. Referrals who are ready to distribute information about the platform on a paid basis

We specialize in softskills training. The platform is as simple as possible for the trainer. At the same time, the most intuitive for the user. Gamified and competitive process of training. In addition to the possibility of training, a participant of the platform can act as a referral and distribute information about the platform on a paid basis. It is possible for clients to co-own platform in the future. For trainers we adjust the automated funnel, and also there is a possibility of promotion of their courses inside platform. I am currently attracting investment in the development of tokens and NFT for platform members. I have tokenomics and rewards in NFT and I am counting on a long-term strategic training project, as a combination of real business and virtual assets.

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