This project represents the idea of the Online Shopping Website for Laptops. In this project, we are having the primary goal of to increase the sale of the laptops in the market and to reduce the manual work and increasing the technical support for sellers and buyers to sale or buy a laptop online. The second goal of this site is to maintain the data of buyers, sellers and producers. A laptop store is a virtual store on the internet. This project is very helpful for where the customer can directly buy the laptop from home through 'Laptop Store' website. The objective of this project is to develop a general-purpose e-commerce laptop store where any brand like Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung laptop can be bought from home through the laptop store website.

CONCLUSION: There was a lot of fun in making this project. This project was very useful to us as it provided us with the inside view of the planning and implementation of the code. In this project, we had to think about the various options which we can provide to the user. The implementation was not easy as we had to look into the minute details in order to achieve my goals. We have tried to make this project user friendly and also interactive by providing many features.

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