The inspiration for making Greetings and Gratitude came from the theme of this hackathon itself. There are many local communitites that are unheard of but have really great things to offer in terms of learning and hands-on experience which is very important for a beginner. This inspired us to build "Greetings and Gratitude" so that all the awesome communities out there can come forward. Also we wanted to express out gratitude for the community in general that has helped us learn so many great things.Moreover, we wanted to give some kind of service for the community so we also built a hardware hack that allows community people to access internet during the power-cutoff so they can continue their learning process in any circumstances.

What it does

Greetings and Gratitude is a website that provides information about any local community, for example, the events that are hosted by the community etc. The interested attendees can contact the community to gain all the information. It also generates a thank you card with a custom message for the attendees. Whereas, Router Powerbank is a Hardware Device which allows people to use Internet by powering the router with the device during Power-Cutoff and gives sufficient amount of battery life for about 2 hours and more when connected on Parallel Combination.

How we built it

For the website part, we built it mainly using react and javascript. Whereas on the hardware side, we built the Router powerbank using four 18650 batteries connected on parallel combination which gave around 7V and converted the input voltage into 12V using the power booster Xl900 and connected a male barrel jack so we can connect it with router.

Challenges we ran into

We faced problem during the Card generator part of the site and making image downloadable which was resolved later with the team work and also we have thought to build IOT related stuff with Google Cloud but we couldnot do that as we couldnt get credits due to being on another region and also we didnt had sensor to show real time demos. So, we switched to the Router powerbank immediately.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we together from diverse country built something productive for the benefit of Community. Both our software and hardware project is a prototype that serves and helps Community.

What we learned

We learned about React, some hardware stuffs and more important we realized how different minds together can create a really great project and taught us lot more different things by joining in team and working together.

What's next for Greetings and Gratitude

We have a lot of things planned for our website. We want to bring the local comunities under on umbrella called Greetings and Gratitude where local people will get information about their preferred community meetups in one place. Next we want to implement dynamic event listing on the website. We also want to implement the sign up feature for a user for a personalised experience so that the user can directly add events and meetups from the website to their calendar. Lastly we want to personalise the thank you card with respect to the community events and some more Community service hardware projects like Router Powerbank.

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