Inspiration - Parking is very expensive throughout a major city like Philadelphia. With almost a million vehicles in one city, there is a huge demand for parking. At the same time, there is a limited supply of real estate or parking locations (garages or lots) throughout Philly. Even worse, this information is poorly organized.

We have lived and worked in Philadelphia since the beginning of our college careers. During this time, I have always used automotive transportation to get around. I have experience countless occasions of wasting hours on end to find parking and never know if I am truly paying for the best price. At the same time, I have always loved using sources like Kayak to know that I am receiving the best price during my travels. Why not create a similar experience for the parking industry?

What it does - With LandingLot, we are going to organize parking information by aggregating pricing and other attributes from multiple sites and sources. This way a user can compare and view all pricing information by their location to receive the best rate on parking. Similarly to Kayak in the hotel and lodging industry.

How I built it - We split the app into modules. Jefferson was in charge of the frontend and Lupo was in charge of backend. Jon assisted on whatever he could.

Challenges I ran into - Initially getting that second parking source/application integrated. Once we did that, we can now continuously add more sources for the user to compare.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - We were able to integrate sources smoothly with multiple APIs. We currently have two very reliable applications integrated, which can allow our product to work in major cities throughout the country at this moment, not just Philadelphia. We really like the simplicity and ease of use of the UI as well!

What I learned - How to streamline the process of continuously adding more sources and APIs.

What's next for LandingLot - We will continue to add more parking sources for user comparison, we currently have a list of about 15 more to add. We will also be reaching out to all local companies who own parking garages/lots and sell them on partnering with us. With these partnerships, we can provide more parking reservations options for users and create our first revenue stream. We can also provide parking analytics for these companies, which will add more value to our product. We hope to win recognition from this competition, which we will use to build company validity for partnership and future competitions such as Temple's Be Your Own Boss Bowl.

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