A platform for building and sharing virtual blocks in real locations.

Using their mobile device, users create "kubikulo" using voxel-like virtual building blocks called "kubi" in their own 10x10 "movable" unit footprint "kulo" in each location. Check-in to a list of venues to pinpoint the home position of a kubikulo, visible in a 3D map-view and also exactly local-positioned in the real world via augmented reality fiduciary markers. Taking grounds in artifacts intrinsic to a real location, each kubikulo can be re-arranged by users who visit the venue. Each user can have just one "kulo" and an infinite number of "kubi" to create their "kubikulo" in each venue, but collaboration may result when other users move the venue's various kubikulo to create meta kubikulo expressions.

The platform includes an API that lets developers access the kubikulo in each location, as well as a creator opt-in option for retrieving all the kubikulo created by a particular user, that can also be used for export of their creations.

Create Kubikulo: Build with kubi in your own kulo in each venue you visit. Collaborate: Move kubikulo created by you and others in the venue you're checked into.
Show Off: Grow your kubikulo! Let's see it from far away - beyond its root venue

It's brand new, but we think it can be used for conveying the artistic creativity of the users who visit a particular venue - without leaving a mess, in an open way. It might even be used as communication for political movements, event or brand marketing, geolocational microcosmic voxel virtual worlds, and more.

It's geolocal virtual blocks that live in augmented reality.

What will you make with kubikulo?

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