KSU Hackathon 1.0.0

made by Mojiboye Emmanuel

changng the fashion industry and enabling buyers to pay with crypto's

  • Git
  • Webpack
  • JavaScript
  • Html
  • CSS
  • Api with JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • JSON
  • Coingecko Endpoint
  • Promises
  • Fetch
  • Async and Await Functions


In this app, you can buy amazing African fashion wears with crypto's. Although, The future vision for this app is to be able to buy anything fashion with crypto's and stocks; stay tuned for upcoming versions :).


  • First clone the project on your System(git clone REPOSITORY-NAME)
  • Run npm install in the Terminal(e.g the git bash Terminal). with this, all of the dependencies of the application gets installed
  • Run npm run start to start the project for you on the webpack dev server
  • Note: You have to create an environmental variable(.env file)for storing your api keys
  • For the Api call for coins, no apikey is required Go to the (https://www.coingecko.com/en/api/documentation) website, and just be sure you create a developer account
  • For the second api call which is for converting dollar to naira: YOu would be needing a key here. Go to the (openexchangerates.org) website, create a developer account, get you api key, protect your api key with a .env file
  • Still for the 2nd api: The name you gave to the variable storing your apikey in your .env file should overwrite mine (just do ${process.env.YOUR_API_KEY_NAME})
  • NOTE: This is the version 1.0.0(the very first version of this app; stay tuned for more)

Detected Bugs/ Issues

  • No detected bugs
  • The only bug you will definitely encounter is if you fail to follow any of the Setup/Installation Information I gave you
  • _Note: as at the launch of this Application there are no bugs but this is not the finished product as I will be adding more features later on. If anyone comes in contact with a bug, be sure to hit me up on social media or email me @emzzyoluwole@gmail.com. _




Licensed under the GNU General Public License

Contact Info

  • You can contact me via email @ emzzyoluwole@gmail.com
  • I'm on Instagram @Emmanuel.9944
  • _I'm on Twitter @Dynasty or @Iam_dynasty
  • Github username: Emzzy241

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