Some people are busy with life and work, and have not yet met their love partner. We are helping them find their soul mates.

What it does

kontakjodohgratis is a matchmaking website, currently tailored for Indonesian people and in Indonesian language. However we have members from other countries as well, especially Malaysia and Singapore.

kontakjodohgratis user interface is clean and easy to read and use, it is mobile-first and responsive, in fact around 90% of our users are using mobile devices to access the web app.

With kontakjodohgratis, users can:

browse and meet new people that they are attracted to sign up as member, it is easy user can just use their Facebook account chat and send messages to get to know each other

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

kontakjodohgratis is currently used by thousands of users per week. kontakjodohgratis ranks quite well in Google search for specific and common matchmaking keywords for Indonesia.

What I learned

It is important to put users as priority, and keep the service always up and running with proper system architecture.

What's next for

In the future, we plan to serve more users with more diverse backgrounds, cultures, religions, interests, and also countries, starting from Southeast Asia.

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