Updated Program with Simple GUI (May 2018):

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Program Video (link down): https://ayei-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/judge-1_ayei_onmicrosoft_com/ET8S-TFyW_lCv9tK0BcmNQEBvRy3UtRKF-uL8fXxsXEBrQ?e=71q84B

HackAppleton 2018 Response:

                                                                          Kohl’s DIY Season Starter Giveaway!

The purpose of the in-progress program we have created is to showcase a giveaway campaign that Kohl’s could do to promote customer participation in their company. Used as a marketing tool, this program will allow users to create seasonal outfits and ‘submit’ their ideas to be voted on by the community. Whoever receives the most votes by the Kohl’s customers will win that outfit for free, and their outfit will be displayed on the Kohl’s front page as the featured outfit for the next season (eg. spring contest held in March, winner announced early April, outfit displayed in spring.

One page of this program (creation.html) showcases the drag-and-drop feature that the user can use to create their outfit. This is a very simplified version of what Kohl’s could actually use, only having space for hats, shirts, pants, and shoes. Kohl’s could allow for users to add whatever articles and accessories were necessary to complete their submission. The user will create and name their outfit, and when it is to their liking, they’ll hit the submit button below and will be prompted with a thank you page (thank-you.html) to confirm their submission. If the user chooses to submit, they would need to create a Kohl’s shopper account in order to be able to receive the outfit if he/she wins.

The second page (submissions-for-voting.html) would be the actual voting page of these outfits. All of the outfits would display on a page (although our example page has five mock submissions created by us), and there would be a separate tab for the “popular” outfits once they receive enough votes. Anybody can upvote or like all of the outfits they want, and after an allotted time period (eg. two weeks) the contest will end, and the outfit with the most votes will win. The winner is notified that they won and earn their Kohl’s cash winnings, and the promotion ends...until next season!

Due to the difficulties associated with implementing python into HTML within a short timeframe we have written some code written in python which in theory would be a part of the website. The python code we wrote (VnP.py) is intended to support the upvote feature. The code creates a system where the user inputs whether they want to submit an outfit or vote for other outfits.

Submissions will have an upvote counter next to them so people know how many votes each outfit has received, and if they choose to upvote, the counter will go up by an increment of one. Although the version we wrote is client-side the real version would be server-side so that the system would accurately represent upvotes. This program, with more time, would be implemented within Kohl’s website so that they can host the contest.

The goal of this entire program is to encourage Kohl’s customers to check out Kohl’s products and toy around with them to create entire outfits they would like to buy and wear. By creating a competition and voting period, it makes customers want to participate (the thought of winning Kohls cash for making an outfit sounds pretty awesome) which then increases the buzz for the company, increasing traffic and sales to their website and stores, and overall increasing the revenue for the entire company.

Update: During May of 2018, I have implemented a simple GUI for this program using Tkinter. This is the first-ever GUI that I have created. I faced challenges such as implementing images into the program, buttons that lead to new pages, and abstraction issues. Overall, I think that this project helped me develop my passion for coding and helped me grow as a programmer because I had to learn new material quickly as well as debug my code effectively. I am excited to learn more about programming in the future!

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