I recently found out that John Conway had died due to covid and Hack3's Depth track reminded me of an image I saw of Conway's game of life on a trefoil knot. But I couldn't find a single interactive version that I could experiment with so I made my own. However, the trefoil knot itself I thought wasn't deep enough so I added cooler and more complex torus knots.

What it does

It simulates Conway's Game of Life on a torus knot as if it was on a connected plane.

How we built it

I only used three.js

Challenges we ran into

Had to use a version of three.js from 2013 so searching for documentation was quite difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works which is all I could ever ask for!

What we learned

How to use three.js for other things beside loading in 3d models.

What's next for Knots of Life

Get orbit controls working on mobile and make the raycasting better so when you click it's more accurate.

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