KIVA Impact Calculator is a web application that assesses the degree of social impact created by KIVA loans by combining publicly available sources.

Our sources include United Nations' Human Development Index and KIVA’s API. We combine the quantitative needs of the community with the actions of the lending community to infer the magnitude of a given loan’s impact.

Both consumer and enterprise users can review the impact of past loans and assess whether they should pursue different kinds of loans in order to have a larger impact.

When users open the web application, they can search for the name of any Kiva lender. The search will show loans made by the particular lender. Each loan result will show a picture of the borrower, the value of the loan, the amount loaned by the lender, a description of the loan’s purpose, and the impact indices for a variety of sectors related to the loan. These indices, ranging from 0, low impact, to 1, high impact, give a quantitative measure of how much of a difference the loan will make in the borrower’s area. This measure is calculated using data provided by the United Nations’ Human Development Index.

In addition, a survey was created for borrowers to fill out in order to collect individual-level data for use in future impact studies. A copy of the survey is available for viewing on every single loan page.

Our technology stack includes MongoDB, Express, Node.js, Jade.

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