This application aims to complete for the "MongoDB World Hackathon". With this opportunity we aim to leverage technology to bring communities closer, build support groups, and increase community awareness about water safety, to not just talk but also to be able to do something for the community. The application is divided for three types of users, i.e., NGO’s, Authorities, and the generic users who come across the polluted area. Users can create a public record of the area having polluted water bodies with significant proof to bring the issue to the notice. NGOs can view these records and can create an event out of it. They can also create their “Cleanliness Drives” as an independent event to engage people. All this information can be accessed by the general public. Authorities will be able to know about the ongoing events for which they could shout out as appreciation or can help, motivate in any manner they want. Authorities will be notified about the issue if It crosses certain timeline without been looked on. Kinship, is a platform which has been built with Xamarin Forms, which is a .NET (C#) based framework for making cross-platform or hybrid applications. Hence, we can target a wide variety of audience on all 3 major platforms, i.e., Android, iOS and UWP (Windows 10).

Our Solution

The goal of Kinship is to bring the community closer and give the society a way to help our environment without going out of their way. Countries like India, Spain, Morocco, Iraq are heading towards Day Zero and as a citizen, we need to do something to avoid this situation to happen at all costs. Be it following rain water harvesting, fixing the broken water pipes, fixing drains, keeping our water bodies clean and what not. There are various NGOs who work towards this goal. There are government Authorities who are responsible for fixing and maintaining these things. All these parties involved aren't in sync, there is no such solution to bridge the gap between them. Kinship is a bridge between the general public who come across issues daily and want to report these and also help the cause, NGOs who strive hard to get these issues fixed and the Authorities, whose role is to fix and maintain the water bodies. With Kinship, it will be easier to connect everyone and for a smoother working. This can solve a lot of issue by creating an interdependent relation which can easily help curing and saving water globally.

How Platform Works

Currently, if we come across any polluted area, we do not know where to go and whom to inform and there might be tons of questions if we do notify any authority. So, there is no way to notify invested parties about these issues without wasting our time. With "Kinship", any general user (general public) can sign up and "Raise an Issue". They will be asked to put in some information like address of the place, rating the issue (Low, Medium, Critical etc.), additional comments, if any. They will also need to take a photo of the mentioned issue, so NGOs and authorities involved can see and analyze the issue beforehand. As soon as the issue is raised, after automated validation, it will appear in the public list of the issues and anybody can see it, including the NGOs and Authorities. If any NGO/Authority is interested in fixing or working on this issue, they can change the status of the “OPENED” issues to “ONGOING” and work towards the solution. After fixing things, they can change the status from “ONGOING” to “FIX”, with necessary proof of the issue being fixed. The status will automatically change from “ONGOING” to “OPEN” if the issue is not resolved in the particular amount of time as selected by the status changer. This way, all the issues are addressed immediately and all this data is available to the general public, thus maintains the transparency and ensuring that the issue is resolved in a timely manner. Kinship can also be used by the Authorities to maintain and manage the running issues they have, as they can timely track the process and status of the off the issue and are aware about the activities going on for that particular area. In order for the users to keep using the app for good, we will be adding the reward system to the application. On every event taken up for solution, the adder will be rewarded with certain points which can be redeemed for various things (Paytm cash, Starbucks voucher for some examples). On every successful event organized by the NGO, the NGO will be getting points and recognition.

Running This Project :

Let us remind you again that the minimum Android OS that you need to run this project is Lollipop (API Level 21). So, make sure you're satisfying the minimum requirements first. Otherwise, your handset won't be able to parse the apk file.

  • Permissions Required :

    This application requires you to provide few permissions to it, in order to work properly. Here's the list of permissions that the application needs :

    • Internet Access
    • View WiFi Connections
    • Storage (Read/Write Perms For Cache)
    • Read Google Service Configuration
  • Instructions For Direct APK Installation :

    If you want to run this application on your android phone, please move over to the " Release" section and download the latest stable APK build for your android phone. You do not need any external libraries or application.

  • Instructions For Developers/Testers :

    If you're a developer or any user who wishes to test this application and run this android project, it's recommended to install Visual Studio with Xamarin Support and Android SDKs on your system. Remember that Android SDKs should be in your local path for you to be able to compile the project properly. You can find the source code in the "SOURCE" directory.

    If you do not happen to have Visual Studio, it is recommended to get it because it'll download all the required packages on its own, if they're not present. You can use Visual Studio's Free Community Edition. It'll work, as we've developed this application on it. But, if for some reason, you don't want to or can't install Visual Studio, you will need to have .NET, Xamarin, Android SDK and required Packages in your system's local path for you to be able to compile and execute this application project.

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