King’sDecision is a mobile app that helps people to make only good decisions. How many times you didn't know what to do? The reason for this may be your indecision or the lack of detailed knowledge. The best option for you is to get help from friends or look for advice from strangers. In both cases, you will loose your precious time and money. With King'sDecision making decisions isn't a problem anymore. With this application you get advice from your friends for free, without unnecessary long phone calls, stress and meetings. You can add decision to app with 3 easy steps. You can share it with friends on Facebook or with strangers. If you add your problem, your friends will be able to offer you new solutions. It is useful for you in making a final decision. Remember - you are the King.

Use King’sDecision to get advice and make good decisions only.

Key Features: Quick creating decision in 3 easy steps (Description, Alternatives, Settings) Creating private and public decisions. Adding solutions to public decisions. Voting for solutions Commenting alternatives (Pros, Cons and Neutral comments) Sharing public decisions on user Facebook wall. Following users and displaying their activity on your news feed. Browsing public decisions ( by latest or by category) Web app for non mobile users.

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