Learning games for Kindergarten and First Grade kids, each with multiple levels and learning progression. The games are - Balls Game, Place Values Game, Fractions Game and bubbles Game. The games are spread out between Kindergarten Math Lite and First Grade Math Lite for business purpose.

First Grade Math lite link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infinut.firstgrade.lite.math

Kindergarten Math lite link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infinut.kindergarten.math.free

For the Balls game, the task is moving balls in and out of a box. The levels are -

  1. Count

  2. Add

  3. Subtract

  4. Multiply

  5. Divide (fair share)

For the Place Values game, the task is to move place value grids. The levels are -

  1. Break a number into it's place values

  2. Add 2-digit numbers using place values

  3. Subtract 2-digit numbers using place values

  4. Add using place-values /w carry over

  5. Subtract using place values /w borrow

For the Fractions Game, the task is feeding the monkey pieces of a pie. The levels are -

  1. Determine fractions as part of a whole - 1/2 is same as 2/4

  2. Add fractions with same denominator

  3. Subtract fractions with same denominator

  4. Add fractions with different denominator

  5. Subtract fractions with different denominator

For the Bubbles Game, the task is - Pop bubbles that equate to number shown on top of the screen. The levels are -

  1. Addition/Subtraction upto numbers 10

  2. Addition/Subtraction upto numbers 20

  3. Addition/Subtraction upto numbers 100

  4. Addition/Subtraction upto numbers 100 with carry-over and borrow

  5. Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division upto number 100

Testing and teaching principles applied in the games include the following -

  1. Doing tasks results in better comprehension.

  2. Show your work, not just the end result.

  3. Develop conceptual understanding using visualizations.

  4. Get immediate feedback for continuous learning.

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