Code behind the project.

Generating the corpus of bytecodes / comments

This can be done only in a Debian-compatible GNU/Linux system with a Debian mirror in ./debian-mirror.

Packages that need to be installed

  • openjdk
  • libdox-java
  • jclassinfo
  • apt-file
  • (eclipse)

Compile the eclipse project under workspace. (You will need to have the package libqdox-java.)

Get the packages with jar files:

apt-file search --package-only .jar > packages-with-jar

Get their source packages

for i in cat packages-with-jars; do dpkg-query -p $i | perl -ne 'chomp; ($k,$v)=m/^([^:]+): (.*)$/; if($k eq "Source"){print "\t$v"};if($k eq "Filename"){print "\t$v\n"}' >> packages.tsv; done

Process all the relevant source packages in packages.tsv using

cat packages.tsv | ./ > corpus.tsv

The final output will have a method per line, with the following delimited columns:

  • full class name
  • method signature (from bytecode)
  • long method signature (from source code)
  • comment
  • [each byte code separated by a ...]

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