Creating a Casino with blockchain is one of the best uses of blockchain as its provably fair. We wanted to create a Casino where people enjoy and are not cheated. KIN seemed to give us a way to reward people.

What it does

Its a Casino with Slots, Blackjack, Roulette. A user gets KIN when they register and can play with those and win more.

Kambling- the casino that helps you earn while having fun!

Cryptocurrencies are the hot stocks of today. Kambling helps you get your hands on KIN, just by playing your favourite slot machine game!

Our features-

  1. A welcome bonus of 1000 KIN for all new customers

  2. Customised options for lines, and betting amount

  3. Verify your previous gameplay with our verification algorithms

  4. Gameplay history (bets, winnings) for your previously played games

  5. Random seeds for each slot game- so that the game server can't cheat you out of your winnings!

  6. Customisation of profile

  7. Easy to use, and easier to win!

Try out Kambling, the casino built with blockchain, earn cryptocurrency, and have fun while doing it!

Please share your valuable feedback with us, through the rating and review option on the Google Play Store.

How I built it

Built with software tools, android studio, KIN, love and cloud.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating KIN into the app. But it was not very tough.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making it live and getting on playstore. Also submitting into the competition.

What I learned

Going live ASAP is important to get user feedback. We have kept many features out yet so we can go live and get feedback and add more stuff.

What's next for Kambling

Getting 1000 users in 15 days. Adding more games and features.

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