Problem we are trying to solve:

    SMEs access to finance is difficult because of financial policies and bank practices.

• Target: Small and Medium Enterprises that are seeking financial help, mentoring and business consultancy.

• Market: 92% of businesses in Ghana

• How the issue has been tackled till now: Government intervention to reduce loan interests for SMEs

How we are solving the problem:

We are providing opportunities for SMEs to meet their financial needs and maintain their profitability by connecting them to potential investors and assisting them in branding, business plan etc...

• Not only are we using the latest technologies to avoid long processes and paper work but also assisting the businesses grow step by step.

• We are focusing only on Ghanaian businesses, we have cheap rates and flexible terms of payment (mobile money, bitcoin etc …)

• Because of their economic weight, SMEs stimulate growth, generate employment and contribute to poverty alleviation. By helping SMEs, KaaBom improve Ghana’s economy and make Ghana a better place to live.

Business model proposition

• By bringing recognition and credibility to our clients, we attract more clients and investors.

• We take percentages of loan repayments, we have a pricing scheme based on subscription packages, we are keeping financial data of the SMEs and finally we offer business consulting.

• Small businesses are our clients and they will subscribe to our different packages which are Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

• Our partners are Investors, business consulting partners, content partners (Tv, radio etc...)


• Build the platform, bring in investors by identifying the best small businesses for maximum profitability.

• Small businesses are growing, investors are making profits and KaaBom is making profit.

• We have business and technology background and we will organise events in the first year to identify businesses and help them through business consultancy. And after few months , we can present those businesses to investors.

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