This project was created for the 2016 HackNC hackathon at UNC Chapel Hill on October 29, 2016.

Just Treats is the best way to trick or treat this year. It has two components - a website and an Android app. The Just Treats android app is extremely simple, it only has one button. If you just scored some good candy, open the app and tap the button. Your location will be sent to the Just Treats database and marked on our map. When you're out looking for candy, visit the website and the candy tracker will show you where other people have found good candy. Green spots on the map are where others have found good candy. Some spots will change to red as more and more people report good candy at that location.

Future Plans: Include map data for houses that give candy with nuts for trick or treaters with allergies to avoid.

Created by Alex Hahn, Lucas Beasley, Dylan Harbaugh, and Josh Moore.

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