We thought that since people liked to take vintage photographs using a Polaroid, maybe they'd like to go back to the 90s and listen to jukebox music.

What it does

Connect the tiny jukebox to your computer and load the app. Switch the soundtrack by inserting the cassette into a different slot.

  • great novelty for parties, party music, esp. due to aesthetic quality :)
  • quirky desktop gadget
  • really cute!

How I built it

Using just a photoresistor, arduino and a box, and lots of WASHI tape :) We simply calibrated each slot to a different song by blocking out a certain amount of light.

What's next for Jukebox

More songs and possibly remixes by inserting different cassettes! As well as a feature for users to upload their own songs and create their own playlists using different transparency casettes!


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