Image-based rock climbing simulator built on OpenCV, Qt, & CMake.

    ./jug [path/to/image]

Developed for CS 151 at Harvey Mudd College. Photos from Hangar 18 in Upland.

Directory Contents

  • src/ - contains all source code and CMake file for building
  • img/ - example input images
  • doc/ - project proposal, presentation & report

Building & Running

  1. Install Qt (tested on 4.8.2) from here.
  2. Install OpenCV (tested on 2.4.4) from here.
  3. Install CMake (tested on 2.8.10) from here.
  4. In this directory, run

    mkdir build  
    cd build  
    cmake ../src  
  5. If everything worked, you can run jug with the command above. The program will by default load one of the images it comes with, or the user can hand it a file path containing an image.

Using jug

  1. Run with the desired image.
  2. Using the cursor, select a point containing the grip in the route you wish to solve.
  3. The program with then outline the grips it found along that path in blue. Cycle through these by pressing the enter key.
  4. It will then search for a path. If it finds one, it will display and save each state along that path. Again cycle through these by pressing the enter key. The program will output a text summary of each move to stdout.
  5. If no solution is found, it will say so and close.


  1. Check the CMakeCache.txt that the Qt and OpenCV directories are correct.
  2. The default image path, relative to the binary, is "../img/input/test2.jpg". Ensure this path is correct.
  3. If the trouble persists, contact me and I'll happy help troubleshoot if I can.

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