Going for the BEST COMPANY GAME award.


The man who has everything, who has won at life.....but has he? Now even the most simple task is hideously difficult.

What it does

You try and complete simple tasks in your home town and get chased by fans and photographers. Try and get to the bog roll without losing all your reputation!

How we built it

All from scratch and with a lot of LÖVE.

Challenges we ran into

Creating everything from scratch. We're a team who make educational content for the Raspberry Pi, so this is a very different experience for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We literally made a playable, beautiful game from scratch in a weekend, which some of us thought we could never do.

What we learned

LÖVE is a great 2D game library :)

What's next for Judokees

Create an finish level screen. Better scream sound effect. Game over screen. Beer.

Built With

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