A JPF listener that allows the user to view and analyze their application’s state space in a 3D environment coded in Java using LWJGL libraries (OpenGL).

Setup using Eclipse

  1. Install Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers.

  2. Install Eclipse JPF plugin to your Eclipse IDE.

  3. Under the Git Repositories view in Eclipse, select "Clone a Git repository. Enter this repository's URL under the URI field and press Next until Finish.

  4. Right click "JPF-3D-State-Space [master]" and select "Import Projects..". Only select JPF-3D-State-Space\jpf-3d-state-space and press Finish.

How to Run using Eclipse

Under JPF-3D-State-Space\jpf-3d-state-space\src\examples, right click any .jpf file, and press "Verify...".

Alternatively, you can create your own .jpf file with your application and run it with the StateSpace3D listener.


This project was made for EECS4315, a mission-critical systems class at York University.

Created by:

  • Kevin Arindaeng
  • Yash Chauhan

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