An important reason most people cite for getting the Galaxy Note is note-taking. Jotter fulfills that need by making note-taking as easy and practical as possible.

Jotter features innovative and simple concepts that once experienced, you will wonder how you used your Galaxy Note for note-taking without them. 100% palm rejection (including the ability to disable the back button while jotting) makes it easy to write like you do with pen and paper, without worrying that accidentally hitting the back button will kick you out of note-taking.

Visual search and navigation makes it super fast and easy to find and navigate to previously created content - faster than you could navigate on a physical notebook. Then there is two-finger scrolling even with pinch and zoom disabled. This makes it practical to write without the page constantly zooming in and out because your hand touched the screen.

An assortment of beautiful and functional backgrounds make it easy to purpose specific notebooks for tasks, diary, art or general note-taking.

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