Everyone experiences Back Pain at some point in their lives. This acute back pain that arises from sedentary lifestyle, stress or poor posture, can certainly lead to a very uncomfortable life. Ayurvedic experts usually believe backache develops because of unhealthy food habits and poor postures. This leads to stiffness in the muscles, i.e. lack of flexibility, which then leads to intense pain in upper, middle or lower regions of back. To provide relief from pain such Ayurvedic Oil stays in very demand and is equally effective. A few of Lumbago pain relief Ayurvedic oil in India are mentioned below.

  1. Mahanarayan Oil — A very traditional oil devised for backache. It has analgesic and rejuvenating properties, which when directly applied to the skin, soothes the sore muscles as well as tendons. It also detoxifies the layers of the skin and muscles deeply, improves the circulation of blood, and loosens the tightened muscles. A regular massage lasting from three to six months will do wonders, even against arthritis and paralysis.

  2. Ashwagandha Oil — This Pain Oil is known for providing nourishment to the muscles, tendons and bones. Vatta dosha has a role to play in backache and therefore this oil comes in handy for reducing vatta disorders. It acts as a relaxant, preventing spasms of muscles and eases any pain.

  3. Vatta Samana Oil — This lumbago pain relief ayurvedic oil in India is made by a combination of garlic, sesame, sathapushpa with the neem oil as base. This ayurvedic oil does the work of reducing pain in overworked muscles. It warms the skin and muscles, thereby reducing stiffness.

  4. Karpooradi Oil — A major ingredient in the preparation of this oil is camphor tree. Camphor has been used since ancient eras for relieving pain and stiffness in muscles, joints, and even rheumatoid complaints. The oil should be slightly warmed and rubbed to ease the circulation of blood and reduce numbness. This oil is also termed as a magic healer, because of the many uses of camphor.

  5. Murivenna Oil — It is made with coconut oil. It soothes stiffness, pain and swelling with its analgesic and anti-inflammation properties. This oil also increases metabolism with regular application over torso from either sides.

  6. Kottamchukkadi Oil — It is made with a combination of very useful herbs with the base of sesame oil. On regular massaging, it is seen to be effective against arthritis, myalgia, spondylosis and sciatica. It reduces ailments like pain, Muscle stiffness, inflammation while increases mobility of the joints.

Ayurvedic oils for backache are non-irritating and non-toxic. They are considered safe. Albeit, it is advised to check with a vaidyaraj or ayurvedic expert to get a proper diagnosis of every symptom and specify the condition an individual is suffering from. The correct diagnosis, plan of treatment is necessary before choosing a lumbago pain relief ayurvedic oil in India.

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