Have you ever been so hungry at night but have no time to go out and pick up food? Have you ever had a huge package that you want to pick up from your campus' mail center, but you don't have car? Have you ever wished that you have a friend to help you out in those situtations? JobBER will do it!

What it does

JobBER connects students who are in need of excess labor and other students who have time and capability to offer help. Users can browse available jobs nearby, post a new job to the Jobs Dashboard and view their current jobs. The reward for doing the job can be money or food, or anything in exchange. Therefore, the connection JobBER offer to users help people get things done and also make money and new friends.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The like and comment feature!!!

What's next for JobBER

We would like to incorporate Venmo to make easier to pay for jobs directly through the app. We also would like to put in the "negotiation" feature for job posters and jobbers to negotiate the reward. We have comment feature already but that can also be extended to direct messaging to make conversation between users more personal.

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