Jealous? Your Man Hanging out with Other Girls?

First, I once again realized how important it is for us as human beings to socialize with the opposite sex regardless of our sexual orientation. Nowadays, many of us work in the environment that for whatever reason limits your communication with the opposite sex. For example, some companies employ mostly males due to the field of work. Therefore, when man is mostly surrounded by other man, he often lacks the interaction with females, which could important for his self-esteem.


A lot of guys from Loveawake dating site shared with me that when they catching women looking at them, it boosts their self-esteem way up. All of a sudden they feel desired, sexy, and powerful. Whereas, when man works from home and barely goes out to places, it starts to create different problems in his head. These problems play with his mind: he feels like no one needs him, no one wants him. It is regardless of the fact that he might have a beautiful and playful wife at home who shows him love every day. REMEMBER, he still wants to know that you are not the only one, that there are other women, who find him handsome, interesting, and desired. And there is nothing wrong with it! Don’t you like noticing guys looking at you and complimenting you? Certainty, there is a fear of infidelity. However, if a man appreciates your intelligence and beauty, it often does not mean that you would immediately jump into bed with him, does it? So, when I am talking about men socializing with women, I do not mean any sexual content or outcome in this process.

By socializing all I mean:

  • interaction that will show men that he is interesting to other females
  • interaction that will show he is attractive to other females

_ The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don’t have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it. _ _Chris Pine _

In fact, this interaction would remind him how perfect you are for him. Otherwise, men tend to forget about how precious and how valuable their better halves, if the only female he hangs out with is you. He has no one to compare you to. It can be a very powerful realisation when you put something or someone into a new prespective. My friend told me that every time he goes out, sees other women, talks to them etc., he proves himself once again that his loved one is the best for him because he sees other women and grasps that they are not perfect and do not even stand a chance against his girl.

Sometimes men do build an idea in their mind about a possibility of existence of someone better out there, especially if he does not really have an opportunity to interact with other women. Occasional arguments at home make the matter even worse. He starts thinking that he is not appreciated, he is being taken advantage of and that there is maybe another woman who is perfect for him, who will cherish him and give him all the love he deserves. Consequently, he starts to forget how awesome you are for him and ignores all the good things about you.

The same deal works for us, women. When we spend most of our time at home or in female environment, we have no opportunity to fulfill our need to feel desired and admired by the opposite sex. My best girlfriend, Olesya, had her adorable baby four years ago. Olesya stayed at home for about two years, looking after the baby. Every time I would come to visit her, she was sort of depressed and constantly doubting herself. She told me once that she did not feel sexy enough and, therefore, was not in the mood to be fun and playful in bed with her hubby. Whenever, they would have an argument, she felt like she deserved better and that her husband stopped finding her sexy and attractive anymore.

She told me that she was concerned about the fact that her husband might find another woman. I wanted to help her to get out of this trap. We started going out for supper, bbq and just for a walk around the park. I saw her face and mood change when she started noticing that other men were looking at her with admiration. She as a flower started blooming before my eyes. Then she made a decision to go back to work and started interacting with more people including men, all of which got her confidence back. Her sex life with her husband went back right on tract. After a couple of months, I called her and she told me that her husband was again very caring and that she was really happy for the first time in a while. She started to see her husband’s good side again. And more importantly, she got her self-esteem back and fell in love with herself once again.

“It is all about perception.”

Ladies, we should not perceive the fact that our men socialize with other girls as a reason to exercise our jealousy and egoism! If we can do it, why can’t they? It’s only fair! It is all about how we perceive our loved ones and the rest of the world. Sometimes our perception is very different from the reality. It is very important to look at the whole perspective and realize that what you have is precious. Interaction with the opposite sex is vital in our everyday existence. We start to understand what is really out there vs. what we pictured in our minds.

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