Facebook ads can be used to promote pages, posts and events, but what Facebook offers goes a step further.

Jay Sawyer Chicago Facebook-sponsored ads are called "business page" ads or "boosted posts" and are paid publications that appeal to and advertise to a target audience in order to get more traffic to your website, as well as more brand awareness and traffic reach.

Facebook's early data shows that these ads not only increase brand awareness, but also increase traffic from Facebook users who have previously visited the site and viewed your Facebook ad. These ads exceed the ads paid for by Facebook in advertising, such as ads on Twitter, Google + and other social media.

While Facebook ads look a lot like ads and help to increase brand awareness and interest among users, many Facebook campaigns produce tangible results for your service or business. Facebook is changing the way it works every day, and you need to stay up to date with how you advertise on Facebook until 2020.

Jay Sawyer Glenview As long as you take the time to learn the basics of Facebook advertising, set up your account properly and start your campaign on time, your Facebook ad will continue to fuel your business as it grows.

If you're already advertising on Facebook, check out our ad industry benchmarks on Facebook and see how you're holding your own against the competition. Facebook's advertising costs are influenced by a variety of factors, but you can get a better idea of what to expect from them if you look at the average price of Facebook ads in your industry.

The average cost of a Facebook ad is $0.97, and you pay for it per click, according to the latest data available from Facebook.

Facebook's advertising costs are also influenced by the goals of your advertising campaign, ranging from awareness to consideration to conversion. The quality and relevance of the ads you rate on Facebook also influence how much Facebook advertising your business costs.

Jay Sawyer Northbrook Facebook's advertising costs, the relevance of an ad, play a huge role and are a key factor in the average cost of Facebook ads.

Your advertising costs can also be affected by Facebook's properties, including Instagram and Facebook Audience Network, as well as the quality and relevance of your Facebook ads.

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