What is that one thing that has driven the mankind to look out for new places, even if it needs and Apollo 11? The wanderlust within! Quite often you are tied to your work or your homework or simply stripped of the bucks to satiate that wanderlust. So, why not let the world come to you and you take the driver's seat with simple gestures on your fingers!

What it does

Jarvis GestUR is the next advancement in JARVIS2, with gesture controlled navigation and betteer VR travel experience. GestUR is the technology that tracks your hand gestures and sends them to JARVIS platform for it to give you all the joys of visiting new places. Yes, Jarvis GestUR is your personal gesture assisted VR navigation system.

How I built it

Loaded with capabilities, the systeme leverages the database from Google Maps coupled with the VR power of Oculus. The platform integration is done using Unreal Engine with Myo driving the gesture automation in the VR.

Challenges I ran into

Unit 3D has no open-source free support to work on web enabled data for OCulus VR. And then Unreal 4.10 has compatibility issues with Myo Plugins. There were some modifications in the source codes that all settled the dust and gave life to Jarvis GestUR.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Huge learning on Myo and the featres it has. I tried creating custom gestures for our model and that was really exciting.

What I learned

Myo! The powerful armband.

What's next for JARVIS GestUR

Voice Integration, feet motion sensing. Other sense features for sound and feel factor! Coming Up soon! - Stay tuned.

JARVIS2 - The predecessor of Jarvis GestUR

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