I have always wanted to build a free website to do casual and easy reviewing of Japanese materials, and this hackathon finally gave me that chance. I didn't think about it until I saw a tutorial for flashcards, but once I remembered the idea, I was all for it. I love keeping lists, and I've needed a way to keep my notes organized without needing money. These flashcards gave me just that opportunity, so I took it.

What it does

It simply provides numerous tips and tricks to the Japanese language and many flashcards to help study kanji, hiragana, katakana, vocabulary, verbs, phrases, and adjectives. I will be working on it a lot more, even after the hackathon, but right now that is all there is. It also has the option of creating customized flashcards easily, as often a curriculum is lacking personalization. Also written in are tips and tricks, definitions for various categories, so that the learner has a reference. It can't be used to learn Japanese alone, but is a wonderful consolidation, refresher, and way to concrete information in your mind.

How I built it

I used a youtube demo online, then continued to expand it until I had around ten pages, only one of them what the demo actually intended. I built off the CSS and HTML, and messed with the Javascript a good deal to receive the response I was hoping for.

Challenges I ran into

The demo was different from the github in the description, so even after I had struggled to understand the demo and typing it out, I had to redo it all with the different code. I also spent a good many hours wrestling with javascript, as I had very little clue what to do with the language prior to walking into the hackathon. I learned and grew, and problem solved my was out of it, letting the flashcard functions work with both pre-coded cards and customizable cards.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

While I already knew enough about HTML and CSS to consider myself competent, there were many new tags that I learned, and I grew much more used to the idea of divs, classes, and IDs. In CSS, I learned how to change the styling of a page when the size of the screen grows above or below a certain size. However, I learned a lot about Javascript that previously perplexed me, and I was very pleased to be able to dig myself out of trenches with coding, without needing the help of someone more experienced.

What I learned

I learned how to code Javascript by myself and problem-solve tough situations without needing definitions. I learned a lot about functions, and how they work and are called. I figured out how to use ids in Javascript, and how to code in it. I also learned why and how one would use divs in HTML.

What's next for Japanese Flashcards

I plan on adding dozens more flashcards for every purpose, as well as grammar and verbs. There are at least a thousand kanji to cover, so I plan on breaking it into more categories than it is presently. I plan on adding a lot more grammar rules, as once you know them, there are no exceptions. For right now, however, I simply need to add all of the cards necessary.

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