I can't jam with my friends in real-world because of covid, so I'm trying to move it to online.


Connect musically online with friends using a MIDI compatible piano or keyboard. Great for jamming, collaboration, music lessons over the internet.

This product I've built aims to be a tool for online jamming with high-quality virtual instruments and low ping. Helpful for jam sessions and collabs remotely.

Give the app a little go at — create room, share link with friends and let me know what you think!


  • What is that? > jamline is a server implements midi-over-websocket protocol and web application with high-quality virtual instruments, drum loops and textures.
  • Can I attach MIDI keyboard? > yes, you definitely can, so give it a try
  • I have no sound > please use Google Chrome, it's the only supported browser at the moment
  • My ping is high > use wi-fi for better performance, not mobile internet.
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