Inspired by JARVIS from Iron Man I wanted to build a smart mirror.

What it does

Displays my calendar, current weather, notes on my Google doc, images from an assigned google drive folder, news from NYT, assignments from canvas learning, real-time cryptocurrency prices from coin market cap, and now playing song on Spotify

How I built it

Built using a combination of node modules and retrieving data from the following APIs:

  • Google Cloud, for Calendar, Google Notes, and latest Images
  • OpenWeather, for current weather
  • New York Times RSS feed
  • Spotify for Developers
  • CoinMarketCap for latest Cryptocurrency prices + graphs
  • Yahoo Finance for latest stock prices
  • Canvas Learning for my upcoming assignments

Challenges I ran into

When trying to connect a touchscreen to the pi I accidentally changed the OS display settings and was unable to control the Pi. Eventually I had to reformat the SD card (losing all my progress). Working with Spotify and Google Cloud required 2-Factor Auth, setting that up with a token on a raspberry pi proved to be challenging

What's next for J.A.R.V.I.M (Just A Rather Very Intelligent Mirror)

Adding multiple pages, enabling Alexa to change pages, Adding Face ID

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